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Update for PC (3.3.0) and mobile (2.3.0) clients

This update brings new content and compatibility with the next cycle. PC and browser version 3.3.0 New features: …

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Update for PC (3.2.0) and mobile (2.2.0) clients

This update adds the “Blood Strength” card and some cosmetic improvements. PC and browser version 3.2.0…

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State of the game - September 2020

👋 This month we released new ways to have fun. Quests and crafting have arrived We've been talking about it for a…

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Current cycle on Arena

Cycle of the Crowned Souls 2020

Like every year, we celebrate the deads at the end of October! Try the sacrifice of hunters in the thematic versus, and get ready for pranks of all kinds from October 31 to November 1!

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