Dev diary #7: Deep dive in the very first moments of the game

Hello everyone ! Last time we shared a few tricks that we use to make every fight in Drifter's Tales as epic as possible. Today we are going to reveal the first moments in the game.

And yes, it's time for you to find out how your adventure will begin!

At the origin of everything

The very first step of your journey will introduce you to one of the biggest new features compared to the original game. Your character has a story!

This origin will be chosen randomly from 4 available: Healer, Blacksmith, Architect or Priest. Each story will allow you to gradually unlock new cards. For example, the Architect will be able to modify the game board while the Blacksmith will improve his cards to make them stronger and more resistant!

Drifter’s Tales has a fairly significant replay value. Because in addition to having this origin, you will have to choose a path and play 6 stories among the 12 available in a single run. And if you want to try another path your run, you can try it with the New Game + mode.

Buy a ticket to Carmina

Whatever your origin, you will have to board the Victoire which will take you to Carmina, the new region covered in this game.

Not far from this vendor, a secret will be revealed to you, allowing you to enhance your deck with a new card. Because yes, we have stuffed the game with secrets of all kinds! The covenants will no longer be the only puzzles to solve, you will have to be attentive and think outside the box to complete your collection of cards.

The first battle

Arriving in Carmina, you will have to very quickly lead your first fight against “Someone”. Your hand will be predefined and each stage of the fight will be explained to you as you go.

We focused on clarity in this part of the game by overhauling the entire combat system. Camera movements will accompany your actions to allow you to concentrate on the action in progress.

You will notice in the gif that accompanies this article that there is no loading between combat and exploration occurs. Everything is fluid, and we are very happy with the transition effects that accompany the state changes between exploration & combat!

Aside: Steam Next Fest & Twitch streams

We will be participating in the Steam Next Fest from October 9th to 16th. This will be the opportunity for you to download a demo of the game containing the first 3 stories. We have also integrated feedback from our alpha tests into this demo (and we thank you for your valuable feedback!)

Finally, you will be able to participate in the development of the game on Twtich because we stream certain development sessions here: