Discover the story of The First Spine with the 100% single-player digital version.

You are a healer. Or maybe a blacksmith. Unless you are a priest or an architect.

Either way, your destiny will matter more than your origin.




Try the demo of our relaunch

You can download the demo of our relaunch on Steam. Click the button below to get your code.


How to use the code?

On your Steam client, click "Add a game" at the bottom left, then select "Activate a product on Steam...". Enter your code in the window that should appear. Click here to access the Steam help article

If you don't see the demo appear in your library (this can happen if you have already installed the full game) you can force install it with the Steam console. Click here to open the console then type "app_install 2799080" to force the installation. You should see the demo in your library.



Stay tuned

Stay tuned on the development of the game.


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The First Spine / Teddy GANDON
Based in France

Key dates:
Demo: January 24th, 2024
Release: July 24th, 2024



In Drifter’s Tales, you can play different stories featuring unique mechanics and challenge devious and powerful enemies. You play as a wizard whose possibilities are materialized by cards with unique effects. These cards have to be placed on a game board, allowing you to advance to your opponent to ensure you the victory.


  • The game features 12 playable stories of 20 minutes long with unique mechanics (mazes, time-limited actions, infiltration, etc.). Each playthrough allows the player to play to certain stories depending on their path, making each playthrough unique.
  • The deckbuilding side of the game contains 80+ cards, which can be obtained in various ways – leveling, loot, secrets, side quests, chests, random encounters. Each card can be modifiable with 10 modifiers.
  • Highly strategic battle with multiple builds and enemies - each battle requires from the player to analyze the pattern of the enemy to choose to right strategy at the right time.