Drifter's Tales

Les Contes du Vagabond

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Drifter's Tales offers you to live bond stories within The First Spine's lore.

You are a traveller, maybe a merchant, maybe a mercenary. Now, you are a Drifter. Because by exiting that Maze, you've lost all your memories.

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The First Spine / Teddy GANDON
Based in France

Release date:
Early access: April 9, 2022
Final release: September, 2022



In Drifter’s Tales, you can play different stories featuring unique mechanics and challenge devious and powerful enemies. You play as a wizard whose possibilities are materialized by cards with unique effects. These cards have to be placed on a game board, allowing you to advance to your opponent to ensure you the victory.


  • Eight playable stories with strong narrative experience
  • Highly strategic battles on a game board that features more than 40 cards
  • Cards can be modified with modifiers that changes capacities & statistics
  • Each story features a covenant that requires some actions to be rewarded with a unique card
  • The player can bet on the number of cards to play during the story to be rewarded at the end
  • Asynchronous online mode with events that serves the narrative


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