About the game

Where do we play?

We try to offer you a maximum of supports to try The First Spine. You can play online with Arena or by downloading the PnP version.

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How do we play?

The First Spine is a strategic card game for 2 to 4 players. Each player places creatures and artifacts on a board while playing deadly spells.

At the end of each player's turn, their creatures and artefacts confront with those of their enemies.

One objective: destroy enemy wizards.

The lore of the game

A long time ago, the world of Aetheria was only ashes. One day a thorn sprouted from the ground; what is called The First Spine created the vegetation. Vegetation, in turn, spawned the creatures that inhabit the world as we know it today.

The story of the first prophet named Insane is told on the continent of Exodia. This one managed to create a powerful artifact called The Crown; the presence of this artifact gave the people of Aetheria extremely powerful supernatural powers.

We are now capable of the greatest wonders, as of the greatest misdeeds. Some are able to build artifacts by the mere strength of their mind. Others have the power to materialize creatures that were unknown to us or cast powerful spells by saying simple words.

Today, The Crown is lost. Legend says it can only be found by the most powerful of all wizards.