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Play The First Spine online for free! A highly strategic board game, where you can summon creatures and artifacts on a large game board.

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All the content, nothing less

No need to buy cards, no need to play for hours to get the same cards as your opponents. The First Spine is above all a highly competitive board game, it is normal that everyone has the same chances of winning.

Only your strategy and your talent will allow you to triumph over your opponents

Events every 6 weeks

Free events will be released in 6 week cycles. Each cycle has its own cosmetics to unlock and a few additional rules that will radically change the way you play!

Multiple devices, one account

Your freedom is important to us: you can continue your game from the browser or mobile version, or continue it on these supports.

And above all, you can play together, whatever your device.

Help finance the game

By playing, you will participate financing the game in its physical version! We want to make The First Spine an independant, self-funded game, without pressure from publishers. We want to make our own game design choices, our own artistic choices, and thanks to you we will get there!

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