State of the game - December 2020

The year ends, and another begins. It’s time for us to take stock and tell you what we have in store for you for 2021.

Cycle of the Renewal

The start of 2021 will be an opportunity for us to go back to the modifiers unveiled during the previous year and make them unique associations:

  • During weeks 1 & 4: Great Ancients Eggs + Harvesting Souls

  • During Weeks 2 & 5: Souvenirs from your Enemy + Masts of Annihilation

  • During weeks 3 & 6: Frozen Statues + Golden Galleons

The Cycle of Renewal will be available from January 8 to February 19, 2021.

Some improvements in sight

The multiplicity of styles and card sleeves is now such that it is difficult for a long-time player to create a game quickly. We are working on a “setups” feature that allows you to create your own choices: origin, destiny, style and card protector.

Finally, abandoning “installable” media will allow us to take advantage of your browser's notification system to remind you of important events in The First Spine.

A development journal for a new project

We have had a lot of feedback asking us to integrate a “story” mode into Arena. To be completely clear with you, this is not something that we will implement. We believe that the Arena should remain a competitive and playable space anywhere.

However, we have not given up on the idea of expanding the history of the game and immersing you in an adventure in Exodia. It was from this desire that Les Contes du Vagabond (Drifter’s Tales) was born, a game playable fall 2022 on PC and - possibly - consoles.