State of the game - September 2020

👋 This month we released new ways to have fun.

Quests and crafting have arrived

We've been talking about it for a few months, and there it is: the quest and craft system are finally out, and we're very happy with the results. You can follow your quests and unlock cosmetics other than from the online store, which allows you to vary the pleasures!

The Cycle of Crowned Souls

Our oldest players are already used to it and will not be surprised to learn that the Festival of Crowned Souls, celebrated every year, is back.

During this cycle, we are preparing an event of the same type as the Arrival of the Corsairs with exclusive currency and cosmetics. In the thematic versus, we've decided to revamp the Masts of Annihilation that destroy anyone who touches them. The Church of the Sacrifice will also be your thematic versus playground during these 6 weeks.

New content

Note that we will be implementing new cosmetics in the craft recipes (two holos & sleeve and a style) as well as new types of quests based on card destruction. Also, new triumphs will be added related to origins and quests.

In order to have a satisfactory experience with these new cosmetics we have released a “collection” tab and sorted the triumphs in your profile.

Print is back on track!

The physical version of the game is no exception. We have resumed editing the maps and applied a small facelift which was also applied to the digital version.

We will start requesting prototype prints from our printer to send to Ambassadors who signed up last year with the money raised through Arena (and thanks to you!).