Drifter's Tales - what's next?

By testing new things in Drifter's Tales thanks to your feedbacks, we now have many improvements for you by completely redesigning our narrative version of The First Spine.

We know that the first draft is perfectible. That's why the first adventure will be available as additional content, taking advantage of all the improvements we're going to make. This content will be free for all players who have a registered account on The First Spine before February 1st.

A brand new exploration

We have completely redesigned the exploration. From now on, your position is materialized by a pawn that you can move. You will then be able to choose the cards you draw and you will no longer have to read the texts of the cards.

More cards available

30 new cards will be added to the game.

These cards are taken from the origins classes of the base game and feature new mechanics, such as the modification of the board during the fights. New ways to obtain cards have also been integrated into the game.

Redesigned battles

We have also decided to take over the combat mechanics entirely. Thus, all the fights will be done directly on the game area without any loading or waiting time.

Finally, most of the enemy's movements will require dexterity: you will not remain idle during the opponent's turn!

We give you access to our private alpha

We will put our community at the center of all the decisions we will make! Who better than you to give us an opinion on the game that you are going to play?

In order to access the private alpha version next June, simply fill out this form:

Private alpha registration