Drifter's Tales - Update #4

This update contains fixes to issues that we have identified through analysis of in-game telemetry data sent during your games. They also respond to the problems encountered by some of you reported in the comments you submitted to us.

New features :

Manastones have been separated into 3 different types and restored cards return to your hand instead of your deck.
A new character allows you to create cards you already have in your possession
11 new cards: Monstrous Portal, Duplication, Echo of Insane, Break, Weakness, Blue Mana Stone, Red Mana Stone, Yellow Mana Stone, Blue Concentrated Mana Stone, Red Concentrated Mana Stone, Yellow Concentrated Mana Stone
Randomly in your story, an event can now occur that changes the map you are on
Some cards will allow you to save your progress internal to the current story


Better support for all screen resolutions
The display of the command to exclude cards on the selection of stories has been highlighted
The defense of some enemies has been reduced in The Village story
Sellers were added in the last story
Added feedback when purchasing items
Game economy rebalancing
The illustrations of Buffoon and Gargoyle have been revised
Zoom on cards in the menu & choice to exclude cards has been revised
Transition speed when a card is chosen while exploring has been increased
Bets have been raised on all stories The last story is no longer played automatically
Reward display size has been increased Breaking an oath no longer removes gems

Fixed issues:

Fixed a display defect on player levels in the menu
Zooming on maps did not work when no map could be selected
Cards won at the end of a story are more readable
There were still keys not mapped to the chosen device in the tutorials
Menu context button was not clickable under certain conditions